Health & Safety

Health & Safety




  • All participants that take part in Mount Hotham Free Ski activities are members of Hotham Free Ski Inc.


  • All club members are covered under insurance through SSA ( Ski & Snowboard Australia ) for all aspects of aerial training and skiing disciplines as outline within the program structure.


  • Nominated club coaches have included cover for Public Indemnity insurance under the clubs insurance policy.


  • Helmets and back braces are mandatory.


  • Club policy has an approved progression of aerial manoeuvres that are to be carried out on trampoline, water jump and snow.


  • Inverted manoeuvres will be carried out by program participants through guided progression and meeting clubs best practice criteria.


  • All members will be familiar with and adhere to the Alpine Skiing Responsibility Code




Water Jump & Snow


  1. All participants readying for upright aerial jumps must be of a strong immediate skiing standard at a minimum level and have suitable fitness levels to physically withstand the fundamental requirements of upright jumping.


  1. All participants will only undertake aerial manoeuvres on a jump approved by the accredited coach hosting the program.


  1. Fundamental technical skills must be approved at each level before progressing further on to larger jumps and more difficult attempted aerial manoeuvres.


  1. It is the participants individual responsibility to undertake aerial activities in a safe and responsible manner to self and other program participants.


  1. All participants equipment will be checked by coaching staff to ensure all equipment is of a high quality standard and acceptable for aerials.


  1. Helmets and back braces are mandatory.




Trampoline, Water Jump & Snow


  1. All inverted manoeuvres must be competently and consistently carried out in a safe manner on a trampoline and witnessed by the head coach for approval.


  1. The progression of consistency and competency from trampoline to water jump will be supervised and overseen by the head coach for approval.


  1. The on snow jump site will be approved by the head coach to satisfy requirement of specification and safety standards before any inverted manoeuvres are undertaken.


  1. The jump site will be maintained on a daily basis to meet safety standard is to be overseen by the head coach.


  1. It will be the head coach’s discretion in deeming the approval of any individual to be fit and have met the necessary safety standard before performing inverted aerial manoeuvres on snow.


  1. All inverted aerial manoeuvres on snow will only be undertaken under the supervision of the head coach.


  1. All participants equipment will be checked by coaching staff to ensure all equipment is of a high quality standard and acceptable for aerials.


  1. Helmets and back braces are mandatory.





  1. General skiing skills and fitness levels will be of a standard deemed acceptable to undertake the program to not inflict self harm or injury to others.


  1. Program participants will have appropriate and well maintained equipment necessary for Mogul skiing.


  1. General course inspection and jump orientation will be hosted by the coach with the program participants prior to commencing on course training. Evaluation of snow condition, speed control situations and progressive plan of safe action techniques will be discussed.


  1. Coaches will conduct training sessions from a full view vantage point in assessing an overall performance level in achieving safe progressive outcomes.


  1. Session training will conclude with course slip and general maintenance in preparation for the next scheduled session.


  1. Helmets and back braces are mandatory.





  1. General rules outlined in Upright and Inverted aerials will apply.


  1. Rails, Boxes and course features will be inspected prior to the commencement of the session to evaluate entry and exit points within consideration of appropriate speed necessary to conduct in a safe manner.


  1. Speed checks will be undertaken on an hourly basis to access variable changes in snow condition effecting speed to feature entry and exit points.


  1. Coaches will access the participants concentration and general fitness levels periodically during the session to ensure high performance levels are achieved for safety standard.


5.  All participants equipment will be checked by coaching staff to ensure all equipment is of a
high quality standard and acceptable for parks.


6.   Helmets and back braces are mandatory.





  1. Program participant skiing skills will be of an experienced level. Being able to maturely access and act in a safe manner in recognising naturally accruing hazards and dangers within the terrain and snow condition.


  1. Coaches will facilitate a safe plan of line with participants during inspection of the chosen site.


  1. Coaches will encourage the buddy system within the program participants.


  1. Coaches will adhere to ski patrol signage and closures in all areas where conducting program sessions.


  1. It will be the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their own equipment is well maintained with appropriate binding settings.


  1. Helmets and back braces are mandatory.