Cooling Down

After training has finished its important to take some steps to help the body recover and prepare it for the next session. Performing a quick cool down is the perfect way to do this and will help boost your performance session after session. The exercises below are designed to help flush out those tired legs, increase flexibility and prevent soreness.



Leg Swings
Aim: Improve leg flexibility


1.     Standing tall & holding on to a wall/friend/pole for balance gently swing one leg through like you’re kicking a ball. Start with a small movement and slowly increase it as you feel more comfortable
2.     Repeat 15-20 times per side
3.     For an added challenge and to improve your balance try doing this without holding onto something!




Aim: Improve flexibility of lower back


1.     Lie flat on your stomach with your arms reaching to the side, palms facing down.
2.     Gently lift one leg, swing it over the top of the other and tap the toes on the ground

on the opposite side, keeping arms flat on the ground.
3.     Return to the start position and repeat this with the opposite leg.
4.     Repeat 15-20 times per leg, alternating each time.






Calf Pumps
Aim: Improve ankle flexibility


1.     Start standing, about 1 step away from a wall, looking towards the wall.
2.     Lean forwards to take your hands onto the wall and bring heels off the ground.
3.     Gently ‘pump’ the calf muscles by pushing the heel down to the ground and relaxing it,

alternating legs each time.
4.     Repeat 15-20 times per leg





Toe Taps
Aim: Improve coordination and leg flexibility


1.     Start standing tall; take a step forward with one leg lifting the other leg off the ground.
2.     Keeping the front leg straight bend down to tap your toes using the hand on the opposite

side of the body!
3.     Stand back up tall, feet together and repeat taking a step with the opposite leg this time.
4.     Repeat 8-10 times per side.